An idea was born.

A looong time ago… (Summer vacations 2016), in a beach far, far away… (Izola, Slovenia) a quest has begun. Little did we know what was about to happen…

We had experience in development from the early days of the web technology, from the BBS passing through Geocities (Wow, now that’s ancient!) and all way down until latest JS-Frameworks we are seeing nowadays.

As keen sport lovers, the first idea was to create a blog related to health, nutrition and sports, and we did it. We have had blogging experience from the past with a modest, but successful blog about food (it reached up to 17K daily views). Our strong background in programming, IT, art and design just made everything easy and so natural…

Shortly after, many friends and family members, even strangers started reading our blog articles, commenting and sharing the posts. We were astonished the moment we actually got readers without even promoting the articles! Our family and friends were amazed by how we actually managed to do this with such success.

This is our thing!

Later on we started to realize how much fun we were having just working on this project, the sole process of creating something new. We had our Notes full of sketches and scribbles about many ideas and thoughts we had regarding the technologies and strategies we were using, and the ones we wanted to try out, until one day, we realized what was just happening. This is our thing! Design and Web Development. Graphis was born out of a brainstorm.

What we started out as a hobby finally turned into a company in April 2018.

Today, we are bringing the latest of the web and IT technologies to our clients, no matter how small or big their company is.

We are very glad and pleased to welcome you to The Graphis Blog.

We are Graphis and this is our story.